Gulf Coast Wesley Foundation

Gulf Coast Wesley Foundation is a mission of the United Methodist Church, reaching out to students on the campus of Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida Southwestern State College. Our mission is to help young adults learn to Love God, experience Serving Others, and embrace their calling to Change the World by sharing the love of God.

Love God, Serve People, Change The World

Gulf Coast Wesley invites students to begin and to deepen their relationship with Christ. Wesley Foundation provides authentic worship, small group experiences, and one on one discipleship opportunities. Wesley also links students on campus with spiritual and professional mentors from local churches.

Gulf Coast Wesley deeply owns the value of Christian hospitality, welcoming students from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences, and intentionally seeking chances to enter into the life experiences of others. Wesley Foundation students are regularly involved in service learning opportunities both on campus and in the community. Wesley connects local churches and students, as we partner in mission opportunities.

Gulf Coast Wesley Foundation is empowering young adults to be fearless in pursuing their calling to bring the Kingdom of God to Earth. Wesley Foundation is leading the way for college students from all over Florida to experience international mission. Our goal is for students to build long term relationships with young adults in other contexts – believing that relationships are the key to creating lasting solutions that will alleviate suffering in our world.

The core purposes of Gulf Coast Wesley Foundation are :

EVANGELISM: to actively offer the good news of Jesus Christ and the opportunity to belong to an authentic Christian community on campus.

DISCIPLESHIP: to provide substantive opportunities for students to become growing, serving, learning, and leading disciples of Jesus Christ in the United Methodist tradition.

HOSPITALITY: to be a community that is intentionally and radically open, welcoming, and inclusive to all people. We seek to be a communiy of faith that authentically reflects the diversity and unity of the Kingdom of God.

MISSION: to be engaged with the global community in ways that consistently seek to relieve suffering, and work for justice for our neighbors.

CALLINGS: to help all students hear God’s call to serve and lead in the church and world.

INNOVATION: to be incubators for new and effective ways for doing ministry as United Methodists.

HOPE: to embody hope for the future of the United Methodist Church, as we raise up a new generation of disciples of Jesus Christ, for the transformation of the world.