Student Leadership with Wesley

If you are interested in participating in leadership in Wesley there are several pieces of information you should know. Student leadership is a vital part of how Wesley functions. Leadership at Wesley is a covenant between you, the students of FGCU, and God. It is also an opportunity to not only grow yourself in leadership skills, but also allows you to grow in a deeper understanding of how God is calling you into the ministry of his kingdom. We believe that God has a specific plan to prosper and grow each of his children, and leadership at Wesley can give you opportunities to discover what that plan might be in an organic and rewarding way. There are guidelines for what is to be expected from a person who is involved with leadership at Wesley, and it is very Important that you read these documents and understand what you are applying for.

Applications for Spring leadership will be due towards the end of the Fall semester. 


Please download and print both of the following documents. Read and complete them in full, then either email the completed forms  to or submit them in person to Christy Holden.

Leadership Application

Leadership Covenant*
*Gulf Coast Wesley believes strongly in the nature of covenant relationships.  We are in this work of ministry together.  As such, there may be changes or additions to the following document based on the specific needs and theological commitments of the community of leaders in any given year.  Please use the following as a general guide to our expectations of one another.